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23-27 January2019

International Tourism Trade Fair


Up with Women's Bootie Ribbon Taupe Velvet Angelina Lace Heel Glitter Dress Back The potential of shopping tourism, which will be confirmed at FITUR, brings more than 1.1 billion per year to Spain

Spain has become the fourth favourite country in the world for shopping tourism, and in our territory alone, non-EU travellers spend 1.1 billion euros per year on this activity. Indeed, as will be confirmed at FITUR SHOPPING – one of the trade show’s major commitments at its upcoming staging –, shopping tourism has a weight in the sector as a whole that is increasing constantly, and the number of tourists who travel mainly for this purpose is steadily growing. There is no doubt that this phenomenon is already representing an important contribution to the economy of the most specialised countries in this domain.

As the experts point out, few sectors can boast the power that tourism and shopping exerts in driving forward growth and in creating employment. Furthermore, if maximised jointly, they can exert huge influence on the destination’s brand and positioning. In fact, the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) has just completed a study, the “Global Report on Shopping Tourism”, which features experiences and success stories in its show of confidence in this product.

As the secretary-general of the WTO, Taleb Rifai, explains, “shopping is becoming an important component of tourism’s value chain”, even a crucial factor when choosing a destination, “in some cases the first reason for the trip”. In addition, this tourism modality can be the key to accessing certain emerging markets as, for travellers from countries such as China, Russia or Brazil, shopping has become the priority when organising their trips.

The new FITUR SHOPPING section will contribute to dynamising shopping tourism and will respond to this emerging sector, fostering encounters and business between the supply and the demand side. Businesses can meet, among buyers, with international tourism specifiers (travel agencies, specialised marketers and tour operators, accommodation, guides, conference organisers, etc.); international shopping destinations; international firms dealing in fashion, complements, jewellery, watches and gifts, and retail spaces.

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with Angelina Up Lace Heel Glitter Back Taupe Dress Bootie Women's Velvet Ribbon RZqYOB

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