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It’s important to tell us if your circumstances change, so we can give you the right payment.

What to tell us

You need to tell us if there are changes to:

  • your personal and contact details
  • your bank details
  • your relationship status, for example if you become partnered or separated
  • care arrangements for anyone in your care, including your children
  • your work status
  • your gender identity - gender updates are optional
  • your accommodation details – use the accommodation details form to do this
  • your living arrangements if you’re single and start sharing your accommodation with anyone outside your family who’s 16 or older - use the relationship details form to do this

You also need to tell us if:

  • you're leaving the country, temporarily or to live somewhere else
  • you get a lump sum payment
  • your or your partner's income or assets change
  • Performance Black Hot 4 Skechers Electrify Shoe Go Walk Pink Flourish Walking Women's you’ve started or finished studying

If you owe us money but no longer get a Centrelink payment

It’s still important to tell us when there’s a change to your circumstances. If you move house and still owe us money, you need to tell us within 14 days after the change.

There are different ways you can repay your debt. Read more about owing money.

How to tell us

Hot Walk Shoe Flourish Women's Electrify Performance Skechers Black 4 Pink Go Walking You can tell us about a change to your circumstances using one of our self service options.

For Centrelink use your:

For Medicare use your:

For Child Support use your:

Read more about what you can do using self service.

If you don’t have access to a self service option please contact us.

When you get a payment from us

There’s more information about what you need to do to tell us about changes in your circumstances. Read more about how a change in your circumstances will affect your payment if you get:

Where there’s related information

Read more about:

Page last updated: 16 August 2018

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